Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

  • It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to send their wards regularly, punctually and in proper uniform to the School.

  • Students should be present in the School premises before the school prayer-bell.

  • Students must obtain leave permission in advance, if not they must bring a leave note and the reason for leave must be entered in the School calendar duly signed by the parents..

  • Students suffering from infectious diseases should not be sent to school.

  • During school working hours, students are strictly forbidden to leave the school without prior permission.

  • Sending their wards to school and taking them back from School on time are the responsibilities of the parents.

  • If parents want to meet their wards during school hours, they must obtain the permission of the Principal.

  • Students should not bring ornaments and costly articles to the School.

  • Parents must go through the progress reports of their wards periodically.

  • Discipline, personal hygiene and cleanliness are expected from the students.

  • If any damage is caused in the class room or in the school premises, then the parents/guardians must pay the compensation which will be decided by the Principal.

  • Online transaction fees charged would not be refunded/ reversed for any refund or reversal of any transaction.

  • Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment.


Chinmay International School maintains a library which is well equipped with books.

Computer Lab

There are ten computers in computer lab. All computers are well maintained.


School is providing transport facility to students and staff. Three buses and four vans.


Newsletter is published every month in English and we send it online to parents.

Parent-teacher Meeting (PTM)

PTM is arranged almost alternate month to bridge the gap of school and home.

Celebration of Events

Events like Mother’s Day, Environment Day, Father’s Day, etc. are celebrated at school.

Latest News

Managing Trustee

Dear Parent,
“True education nurtures an enlightened learner who is prepared for the unknown.”

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to CiS for preparing our children for an unknown journey called … LIFE!!!

I understand that your prime concern is to provide your children the best education. But the question is what do we mean by best education? What is education all about?

Well, great scientist Albert Einstein has defined education as something that remains when everything taught at school is forgotten. Education is something which not only teaches how to make living but also how to live.

At CiS, we take the education beyond the four walls of classroom, and establish relevance with practical life. Education is integrated with values and life skills. Therefore, equal importance is given to the development of life skills in students.

On behalf of my team, I ensure you of providing a strong foundation; an environment where learning and growing will be a joyful experience for your children.

Let’s together give our children strong wings and firm roots to be “Better humans”; to face the challenges of life.
Thank you! Warm regards,

Paras Pancholi
Chinmay International School
Karjan, Vadodara, Gujarat